What is Scientology?

This is the question that I asked my self in 2011.

What is Scientology? 

My name is Danut. I am from Romania – and I live in Amsterdam. In this blog, I will talk about my simple story in how I met Scientology and what it actually is. 


I’m a man of science in my core beliefs  – so I simply understand, use and explain – what I actually observed for my self. I’ve met Scientology in Turin, Italy (a beautiful city by the way) – and I visited a similar building with what we have here in Amsterdam.  People from there (Torino) explain to me about their books, materials, and courses. So I said: Let’s see what it is!

So I read the book called: New Slant on Life by L.R.H.

For me at that time was the best book that I ever read it.  Why? Because it has knowledge of human behavior, communication – understanding life itself and much, much more. Reading the material I realized that in fact is a practical philosophy. The truth of the matter is: you get a precise technology in how you can understand life. 

After that, I read ALL information that exists over the internet about Scientology – good information, bad information ALL of it. 

So I wondered: How this is possible to find so much mixed feelings about this organization?… My discovery was only one word: COMPETITION. The biggest industry on the planet is the pharmaceutical industry and the number 1 competitor of Scientology. 

Imagine that: in Scientology – you get a demonstration that you can be healthy, you can have a good mental state and all that without the “help” of medicine.                       

We are not talking here on cuts and bruises and known bacteria infections because for those situations you need specialized help from the doctor, we are talking here about overmedication, anti-depression, and hard drugs that “solves”  angry outbursts, depression, and unhappiness. 

So this is a big conflict – because Scientology gives you knowledge in how you can actually get the source of your problems. It gives you tools and precise methodology that the end results ultimately is to be able the help yourself without the help of the”medicine”. You don’t need to be depressed, you can be happy all the time, interested in life all the time; active learning and getting more and more knowledge. 

But if you are accessing this knowledge you will not be a client for this big PHARMA.

What I find out is the fact that Scientology is the most VOCAL player in this match regarding pharmaceutical abuses, psychiatry abuses, and overmedication.  More than that they are not providing a solution on actual help – to really understand what I mean I challenge you to see this: Dr. Thomas Szasz – about their abuse and various diseases.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus about the system. 

In the past, people thought that the EARTH is flat until one guy said: Hey – is not like that, it moves! Can you imagine? Radical idea – That person was put in prison by the Church. 

In the future – more and more people accepted that idea and prove it and….believe it as a general truth. 

In my humble opinion, great movements start with controversy. Now, Scientology has answers about the mind, about the body and life itself. 

Don’t believe anything without proper research from your part. 

Read their books, or watch their TV Channel [ www.scientology.tv ] get the truth get the real data. 

I have only one wish for you, yes you the reader – achieve your full potential and help others to do the same.

Your first step starts here: