What is Scientology Auditing?

One of the fundamental principles of Scientology is
that a person can improve his condition

only if he is allowed to find his
own truths about himself.

In Scientology this is accomplished
through auditing.

Auditing is the process of asking
specifically worded questions

designed to help you find and
handle areas of distress.

This is done with an auditor
— meaning: one who listens.

An auditor does not offer
solutions or advice.

They are trained to listen and to help you locate
those experiences that need to be addressed.

But some experiences are so deeply buried
within the mind they are not easily recalled.

The auditor helps you pinpoint these
with the aid of an E-meter.

When you think of something that has
upset or stress connected to it,

this shows up on the meter.

Your attention can now be directed to that thought.

Through auditing one is able to
look at their own existence

and discover the past experiences that
are holding them back against their will

Do you recall a day when you were
younger and you woke to find

bright dew sparkling on the grass,
the leaves,

to find the golden sun bright
upon a happy world?

Do you recall how beautiful
and fine it once was?

What if life could be that fine again?

Scientology auditing offers the means
by which one can explore their past

and find answers —

their own answers.

In Scientology auditing is a precise activity
thoroughly codified with exact procedures.

as detailed in scores of books
and hundreds of writings.

Scientology auditors are extensively trained in both
theory and practice, over a period of years.

The purpose of auditing is to bring an individual
from a condition of spiritual blindness

to the joy of spiritual enlightenment
and freedom —

the long sought goal of religion
since its earliest beginnings.

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What is Scientology?

This is the question that I asked my self in 2011.

What is Scientology? 

My name is Danut. I am from Romania – and I live in Amsterdam. In this blog, I will talk about my simple story in how I met Scientology and what it actually is. 


I’m a man of science in my core beliefs  – so I simply understand, use and explain – what I actually observed for my self. I’ve met Scientology in Turin, Italy (a beautiful city by the way) – and I visited a similar building with what we have here in Amsterdam.  People from there (Torino) explain to me about their books, materials, and courses. So I said: Let’s see what it is!

So I read the book called: New Slant on Life by L.R.H.

For me at that time was the best book that I ever read it.  Why? Because it has knowledge of human behavior, communication – understanding life itself and much, much more. Reading the material I realized that in fact is a practical philosophy. The truth of the matter is: you get a precise technology in how you can understand life. 

After that, I read ALL information that exists over the internet about Scientology – good information, bad information ALL of it. 

So I wondered: How this is possible to find so much mixed feelings about this organization?… My discovery was only one word: COMPETITION. The biggest industry on the planet is the pharmaceutical industry and the number 1 competitor of Scientology. 

Imagine that: in Scientology – you get a demonstration that you can be healthy, you can have a good mental state and all that without the “help” of medicine.                       

We are not talking here on cuts and bruises and known bacteria infections because for those situations you need specialized help from the doctor, we are talking here about overmedication, anti-depression, and hard drugs that “solves”  angry outbursts, depression, and unhappiness. 

So this is a big conflict – because Scientology gives you knowledge in how you can actually get the source of your problems. It gives you tools and precise methodology that the end results ultimately is to be able the help yourself without the help of the”medicine”. You don’t need to be depressed, you can be happy all the time, interested in life all the time; active learning and getting more and more knowledge. 

But if you are accessing this knowledge you will not be a client for this big PHARMA.

What I find out is the fact that Scientology is the most VOCAL player in this match regarding pharmaceutical abuses, psychiatry abuses, and overmedication.  More than that they are not providing a solution on actual help – to really understand what I mean I challenge you to see this: Dr. Thomas Szasz – about their abuse and various diseases.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus about the system. 

In the past, people thought that the EARTH is flat until one guy said: Hey – is not like that, it moves! Can you imagine? Radical idea – That person was put in prison by the Church. 

In the future – more and more people accepted that idea and prove it and….believe it as a general truth. 

In my humble opinion, great movements start with controversy. Now, Scientology has answers about the mind, about the body and life itself. 

Don’t believe anything without proper research from your part. 

Read their books, or watch their TV Channel [ www.scientology.tv ] get the truth get the real data. 

I have only one wish for you, yes you the reader – achieve your full potential and help others to do the same.

Your first step starts here:


Purification Program Success Stories

Purification ProgramWe help people from hundreds of countries and speakers of thousands of languages. The Purification Program is a great start to progress!

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These success stories are written by real participants of the purification program at the Scientology Org in Amsterdam. If you would like to speak to someone who has actually participated, please visit us at Wibautstraat 112.

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At the ideal Scientology Org in Amsterdam, we are here to help. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 22:00 and in the weekends from 09:00 to 18:00. You can just walk in and talk to us.

The real purification program successes

My mind was slow and sleepy, after a short coma last year after being drugged on a party. I really felt the effects and tiredness leave my body in the process!
I feel great and sharp again!
Big win!

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I am so happy I did the Purification Rundown! My skin is so much better, I got rid of the s***in my body and no more reactions from it. Even insect bites came back. I feel more clear in my mind, more energy and ready to do the next step! Erika and Peder, thank you so much, Peter (C/S and husband) thank you too. Zohar, your care is great!

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When I arrived here in Amsterdam I told my friends that I had lost 10 years of health in the last 2 years in Venezuela; for all the problems, lack of food, not being able to train physically, not being able to have a healthy life.
Now in only 30 days I recovered those lost years!

More purification program success stories?

Fantastic Rundown! And in an Ideal Org! Amazing how standard and perfect it is delivered – the spaces, the materials, everything. And with the result a personal certainty that you’ve made it. This was VERY DIFFERENT 25 years agowhen I last did the Purif. Now it’s truly 100% standard. As I handled most drug residues then, this time it was a real detox of planet earth toxins. I ran more dentist stuff and especially a tonsillitis “ laughing gas”.

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I started with the Purification Program to give it a shot and see if it actually gave the results that it said it would. Well let me tell you something, it did, and more! I feel a lot stronger than I was. Before I started I was down and didn’t really see the purpose in life, felt down and sad, but after I did the Purification Program that all changed. I experience happiness none like I’ve ever experienced before, I’m more social and more comfortable beginning a talk with people I don’t know. I feel like the Purification Program could’ve been the best thing to ever happen to me. I can finally be who I want to be, which I didn’t think I would ever feel, in other words, I’m in a sort of way reborn.
And I was given another shot to do what’s right. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

More purification program success stories?

First of all, it was easier than I thought it would be. During my childhood, I had about 7 operations and even though I did the Purif once, I still from time to time felt effect from anaesthetics. ( Cloudy vision, heavy body, lack of energy.) None of this kicked in during the program, but at 4500 niacin I felt like I was waking up after surgery, I couldn’t move, muscles were like wet spaghetti; I was shaking my head like after the surgery. Anyway, it went away. And after the Purif bit by bit, I’ve regained lots of energy, I feel more alive, I can express my emotions and expressions easier. I feel not tired and feel my legs!!

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I am totally keyed-ou!! I feel so clean and clear. And I am very very happy! I thought I was clean, but now I am really clean! 
Thank you all. Peter, Peter, Erika and everybody else!!

More purification program success stories?

I woke up in the middle of the night, walked to the bathroom because I had to “ give the plants some water” and so turned on the bathroom light. Once the light switched on a whole new world showed itself to me. My eyes were seeing the wqorld like never before. I have been colourblind all my life… but thanks to the Purification Rundown, my eyes were reborn. For the first time I could see the colours of my surroundings. My skin is beautiful, I discovered. And the love of my life…is even more beautiful. I will never forget the first time I really looked into her eyes and saw all her colours.

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My body is in the best condition of my life. I am faster, much more efficient, focused, persistent and relxed person than ever before. My smell sensitivity increased five times. I feel and look younger. My eyes healed to a condition they were in 15 years ago. I don’t need glasses so much. I can read text under low light which was impossible before the Purif. The time on the Purif was the hardest time in my life but the program gave me the ability to overcome any problems on my way.

More Purification Program successes

I felt almost dead many times, the Purif saved my life. I feel myself like never before, everything is new for me! Chiefly my body is different, it is improving all the time. Up till now, I had no idea how to live without medical drugs and asthma spray. I had problems with my skin since I was a small child. I used a lot of skin cream from doctors for my dermatitis. Now the skin is going better every day , that it is soft like baby skin.

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I came in as a physical wreck. I feel quite energetic, am more good humoured,I feel more centered in my body, I am looking forward to life more than before. I am sleeping much better, am looking forward to be able to rise in the morning fully refreshed and rested and get on with my daily plans. Just feel more contented and clearer on a lot of things. I am just very happy I did the Purif, and would like to thank everyone who looked after me and first and foremost who put up with my anger and tantrums as well. Bless their patience.

More purification program success stories

Wow! For the first time I did a complete standard Purif! I really feel cleaned up from top to bottom. A complete new me! It feels amazing! I can taste things better, smell things better and see clearer. Thank you Amsterdam Org for the service and thank you L.R.H for creating this wonderful Rundown.

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I am really glad that I have done this Purif as my first step within Scientology. I have always believed in the importance of a healthy body for a healthy mind in order to grow on a spiritual level. For met the greatest revelation was the experience I had while talking in the sauna with one of my co-Purifers. Because of something he said I realized that that was exactly what I was doing as well. And the moment I realized that, I felt a very strong emotion (sadness). But right after, I felt something changing in my body. Suddenly I felt very calm and serene and my body felt great. While 5 minutes before my intestines were cramping. After this incident, the same calm feeling was turning on more often. In one word, this Purification is: Amazing!

More Purification Program successes

I had great gains while doing the Purif. Gains I never expected. As next to physical improvements there were as well a lot mental/spiritual gains! Awesome to do this!! Thanks to everybody who helped me to complete the Rundown. And to LRH for this awesome Program.

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Completely unexpected results from this action, that I initially didn’t want to do. After two days it became very clear that I still had residues of old drugs taken in my body. The strangest things came up and ran out. It was like putting my whole life in a new perspective. The next miacle that happened is that a medical problem that caused me a lot of breathing issues suddenly blew. From now on riding my bike outside will be a joyfull activity without any breathing problems. I feel like I am finally getting things handled in life and I really want to continue doing that.
M vd B

More Purification Program successes

I have had serious illnesses and as treatment I took a lot of medicines. Since that time I felt somehow more dumb or less intelligent and slow of mind. Now I have done the Purif this all is history. I feel more clear again and more alert. I am glad I have done this Purif. Now I can move on again.

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Wow! I feel amazing! My skin is clear and soft, my sense of taste I slike new, I have so much energy throughout the day. I am not yawning at 3 pm anymore and mostly I just feel clean. This is the second time I have done my Purif and it wasn’t until now that if fully realized how important the Purif really is. Now onto the SRD!

More Purification Program successes

After finishing the purify I felt completely renewed. In the beginning I thought it would be easy and calm and just sitting in the sauna all day long. I had so many realizations while on the Purif. One of my biggest cognitions was the fact that I had a really bad acid reflux for ages. I tried all kinds of medicines and methods to get rid of it but nothing seemed to work. On the Purif I realized that it was only bank. I had the acid reflux because I wanted to copy my dad. I wanted to be just like him and everyone in my family aid I was just like him as well. He also had acid reflux so when I copied him I didn’t just copy his behavior and the way he went about things, but I also copied every illness he had and any body issues. When I realized this I felt so happy I felt I could just fly. Since then my acid reflux has been less and less and now it’s almost gone. I feel with this the true power of the Tech and why it’s so important to go up the bridge.

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Completing the Purif gave me softer skin, a better vision and also the ability to recall old information, names and numbers. A very important extra gain for me is that my company has grown in revenue and is now ( after 21 days on the program) at an affluence where it was in a danger condition to start with. I’m happy on many levels!