What is Scientology Auditing?

One of the fundamental principles of Scientology is
that a person can improve his condition

only if he is allowed to find his
own truths about himself.

In Scientology this is accomplished
through auditing.

Auditing is the process of asking
specifically worded questions

designed to help you find and
handle areas of distress.

This is done with an auditor
— meaning: one who listens.

An auditor does not offer
solutions or advice.

They are trained to listen and to help you locate
those experiences that need to be addressed.

But some experiences are so deeply buried
within the mind they are not easily recalled.

The auditor helps you pinpoint these
with the aid of an E-meter.

When you think of something that has
upset or stress connected to it,

this shows up on the meter.

Your attention can now be directed to that thought.

Through auditing one is able to
look at their own existence

and discover the past experiences that
are holding them back against their will

Do you recall a day when you were
younger and you woke to find

bright dew sparkling on the grass,
the leaves,

to find the golden sun bright
upon a happy world?

Do you recall how beautiful
and fine it once was?

What if life could be that fine again?

Scientology auditing offers the means
by which one can explore their past

and find answers —

their own answers.

In Scientology auditing is a precise activity
thoroughly codified with exact procedures.

as detailed in scores of books
and hundreds of writings.

Scientology auditors are extensively trained in both
theory and practice, over a period of years.

The purpose of auditing is to bring an individual
from a condition of spiritual blindness

to the joy of spiritual enlightenment
and freedom —

the long sought goal of religion
since its earliest beginnings.

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